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Sanctuary One Eleven, Wellness Community, Dallas, Texas, South Windsor, Connecticut

Sanctuary One-Eleven, LLC

Empowering Self, Neighbor & Community

One of the deepest longings of the human soul is the longing to be seen
John O'Donohue

Sanctuary One-Eleven, LLC, Wellness Community, Fitness, Mental Health, Dallas, TX, South Windsor, CT


In my work as a therapist, I've observed a common thread woven across the lifespan; a longing for connection, community, and a desire to be seen, to be witnessed, and to belong.

Sanctuary One-Eleven seeks to create a substance free space to empower self, neighbor, and build community. The expressive arts are used as a conduit for connection and to promote innovative, well rounded wellness comprised of mental, physical, and spiritual fitness. 

Sanctuary One-Eleven, LLC, Military Family, Mental Health Military Families, Support, Community, Dallas, Texas, South Windsor, Connecticut


Military Families

Coming Soon

This program provides a substance free space for military familes to connect and find community. During my time as a clinician, I have repeatedly encountered a lack of programming and support offered outside of the VA system for our military service members and their families. As a result, I am working to establish a space for our active duty and veteran service members and their families to be supported from within the community by their community.



Creative Wellness Inservice

This mobile program comes directly to your healthcare organization. The expressive arts are incorporated to facilitate connection, teamwork, and compassion, utilizing mindfulness practice to contribute to improved workplace ethos, reduce stress and burnout, and improve job satisfaction. This program works to empower your healthcare team to achieve excellence in patient care. I have worked on both the clinical side of hospital care, and as a front end team member of a primary care office. Providing support, motivation, and empowerment to healthcare team members is near to my heart.

Sanctuary One-Eleven, LLC, Healthcare Wellness Community, Inservice mental health,  Hospital Wellness, Mental Health in healthcare
Sanctuary One-Eleven, LLC, Teen Mental Health, Adolescent mental health, Wellness Community, Middle School Mental Health Group


Middle School 

Creative Wellness Inservice

This mobile program is designed to build community, develop new friendships, and create discussion utilizing the expressive arts.

High School 


Creative Wellness Inservice

This mobile program is designed to build community, develop new friendships and encourage community involvement utilizing the expressive arts.

Sanctuary One-Eleven, LLC, High School mental health, Wellness Group, Community Wellness, Teen mental health, Dallas, TX, South Windsor, CT
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